Online Publishing Tools for Content Writers

  Having the right tools is the first step towards becoming a successful online publisher. If you have the right tools, you will know that you have great content. Also, you can do whatever you need to do. In this article, you'll find the best tools for writing Kindle eBooks.

Tools for Researching and Planning

Prior to typing anything, form a plan and conduct a research. You have to learn more about your chosen subject and establish a structure for your current project. The tools that you can use in this phase are:

· Trello - You can use this tool through its website or mobile application. It gives you cards, boards and lists that are ideal for organizing your projects.

· DivvyHQ - Choose this tool if you are working with other people. Basically, DivvyHQ helps you plan your projects, collaborate with your teammates, simplify work processes, and organize project details.

Tools for Writing

Now that you have planned carefully and researched about your topic, you can start writing your content. There are numerous tools out there, but you cannot go wrong with the Dramatica Pro writing software. With this tool, you can determine the best theme, characters and conflicts for your project. If you want to write an excellent novel, this is the best tool for you.

All-around word processors are often confusing and distracting. If you want a simple and distraction-free interface, buy OmmWriter. This tool will give you a clean writing environment. Thus, you can focus on writing down the masterpiece inside your head.

If you are dealing with a complex project, you may also install Evernote. This "freemium" service lets you store notes and files in a simple interface. In addition, you can sync all your notes across all your Evernote-compatible devices. The free version of this software should be enough to take care of your needs. If you want more features, however, you may upgrade your account at a small fee.

Tools for Editing and Proofreading

You have to proofread your work before publishing it. Sharing your first draft as is rarely leads to good results. Remember: even expert writers make spelling and/or grammatical mistakes unknowingly. Take the time to proofread and edit your work before hitting the shiny "Publish" button.

Here are two of the best proofreading services today:

· Grammarly - This tool finds the spelling and grammar mistakes present in your work. To use it, you may access its website and paste your content on its text pane. As an alternative, you may install the Grammarly plugin on MS Word, allowing you to correct errors without leaving your favorite word processor.

· Hemingway App - You can use this tool through its website or its desktop application. With this tool, you can identify lengthy sentences, excessive adverbs and illogical sentence structures.

Content creation is the backbone of any online business with intentions of establishing a long lasting presence. Equally important to creating content is the ability to effectively circulate it around on the internet. Being that content development can be labor intensive it is important to establish a time efficient and effective strategy for its distribution. Even better would be to develop a means in which the creation and distribution functions were seamlessly integrated. In doing so you would be able to make better use of this online marketing strategy in a more time efficient manner.

Here are 5 excellent tools that can be used for both creating content and distributing it more efficiently online.

Social Network Sites

Social network sites such as Twitter are an excellent source of news and information for content development. In addition sites like these can also be used as a part of your content distribution strategy by simply posting your work on the site for other members to view and share as well.


Having a blog of your own is a great platform to showcase your content for visitors to view. By visiting other blogs you can pick up new information or ideas which you can than develop into your own unique content for use in the future. When using content for marketing purposes online it is always wise to have your own blog to make the best use of your efforts.

Social Bookmark Sites

Social bookmark sites such as Digg, Delicious or Stumbleupon just to name a few are great sources of new content. On the flip side sites like these are also terrific platforms for content distribution purposes as well. Simply bookmarking your own content and having it circulated around one of these sites can tremendously boost your exposure.

Article Directories

Submitting articles online is one of the most effective ways to saturate the internet with content you have created. When directories publish your articles other businesses and publishers, using content much in the same way as you, are then allowed use your article provided you are credited as the author. These directories are also a great source of information for your own content development purposes as well.


Forums are very easy to locate on any topic and are a great source of targeted information as well as effective distribution points for your content. Out of the 5 different online locations mentioned here forums are perhaps the most targeted for your content in terms of developing and distributing. Content creation is the starting point of a very effective online marketing strategy that also requires a means for distributing it on the internet.

Being that the content development component of this strategy is time consuming finding an efficient way of circulating it would be the perfect compliment. Even better would be to integrate both the creation and distribution functions to help maximize time efficiencies. The 5 'tools' we reviewed above are sources from which content can be not only developed but also used as distribution channels as well. In doing so you will be able to more firmly embed yourself into the online community while gaining access to current trends and news.